About Us
Launched in 2004, Lulumari ventured into the fashion world to fulfill a yearning for trendy yet innovative merchandise. We search the vast valley of the fashion spectrum to deliver to you the utmost in quality and style. With inspirations streaming from the latest fashion runway shows, to our worldwide trend sourcing network, to our very own designers’ creative minds, Lulumari is always redefining and reinventing the latest trends.​

We design and develop our styles with emphasis on practicality, durability and versatility. We have developed a reputation for mastering the art of creating cohesion of unmatched comfort and style while being on the cusp of the latest trends.

Our line is designed for the fast, young and strikingly confident woman. The fresh, bold and cutting-edge Lulumari woman illuminates her unmasked sense of style and attitude through our designs.